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Check Bike Owner Details

You happen to see a car hit a bike and then speed off without stopping as you walk down the road. Although you can write down the vehicle’s registration number, you cannot locate the driver’s or the vehicle’s personal information. After much effort and loss of valuable time, you finally succeed in obtaining the necessary information when you visit the Regional Transport Office. In reality, there are more effective methods for locating bike or car information by number plate.

How To Check Vehicle Owner Details By Number Plate?

A. On Vahan Website, Find Vehicle Owner Details By Number Plate

The national vehicle register, VAHAN, was introduced in 2011 thanks to a partnership between the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the National Informatics Centre. The website claims it contains information on more than 250,000,000 motor vehicles registered in India, including bikes, cars, auto-rickshaws, buses, and taxis.

The GOV created the VAHAN website to compile information on driver’s licenses and car registration details kept by District Transport Offices and Regional Transport Offices across the nation.

Visit the VAHAN website and follow the instructions below to find out the specifics of a vehicle by number.

  • Click or press the “Know Your Vehicle Details” button on the menu bar.
  • Enter the “captcha” as it appears and provide your car’s registration number.
  • On the “Search Vehicle” button, click or tap.

There you go! All the information you supplied about your car or bike when you registering it with the local RTO will be visible on the screen.

In all Indian states and Union Territories, VAHAN compiles and creates data regarding automobiles and their owners. As stated above, these specifics comply with the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. You can access the following information by entering your vehicle’s registration number on the VAHAN website:

Date of the vehicle’s registration

  • chassis number for a vehicle (not in full)
  • engine number of the vehicle (not in full)
  • the owner’s name
  • vehicle type
  • fuel kind
  • The vehicle’s model number
  • manufacturer’s name of the car
  • Validity date for vehicle fitness
  • The number on the pollution under control certificate
  • Vehicle tax expiration date
  • Details about vehicle insurance
  • guidelines for vehicle emissions
  • Registrant’s certificate’s current status
  • The financier’s name

Using SMS to access vehicle registration number information

By sending an SMS to VAHAN, you can also search for the owner of a vehicle. To find details about a car’s registration by vehicle number, follow the directions below:

  • Enter the vehicle’s VAHAN registration number, followed by a space.
  • Send the text message to 7738299899.

Therefore, all you need to do to find out who the owner of a car is is write down the car’s registration number and send an SMS to VAHAN.

B. Other Ways Of Finding Vehicle Owner Details

If you are stopped by traffic authorities and do not have your vehicle’s paperwork with you, you risk receiving a high fine. In the past, this was accurate, but not any longer. You can relax about this concern. You do not always have to keep a physical copy of your vehicle’s paperwork. The documents can be digitally saved and made available to the traffic police upon request. It will accept the information you save in DigiLockers as accurate throughout India. You may want the traffic enforcement authorities to cross-reference the information you provide with the VAHAN website to ensure its validity.

In the past, if you relocated to another state or UT for longer than a year, you had to obtain a no-objection certificate, or NOC, for your vehicle. The requirement to carry a NOC for your vehicle has been eliminated due to the VAHAN website’s increased popularity. This is because RTOs nationwide have access to the data on the VAHAN website.

These two ways allow you to use this facility to look up online vehicle owner information by number plate.

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