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The two-wheeler market in India is one of the largest in the world and is growing rapidly. As a result, producers are constantly vying for the maximum share of the expanding market. So let’s look at the two-wheeler sales statistics for August among Indian manufacturers.


1 HERO 4,50,740 4,31,137 4.55
2 TVS 2,39,325 1,79,999 32.96
3 BAJAJ 2,33,838 1,57,971 48.03
4 HONDA 4,23,216 4,01,480 5.41
5 SUZUKI 64,654 61,809 4.60

1.     HERO (4,50,740 UNITS)

Hero (4,50,740 units) Hero MotoCorp is still the market leader for two-wheelers in India, with sales of 4,50,740 units in August 2022. Hero MotoCorp only managed to sell 4,31,137 units in the same period last year; as a result, YoY sales grew by more than 4.55%. Comparatively, MoM sales also rose by about the same margin since the company only sold 4,30,684 units in July 2022.

2.     TVS (2,39,325 UNITS)

By selling 2,39,325 units of its two-wheelers in August 2022, which is about 33% more than what the business managed to achieve in August 2021, TVS has once again just edged Bajaj Motorcycles to keep the third slot. Furthermore, TVS’s MoM sales figures have grown by over 18% since the company only delivered 2,01,942 units in July 2022. In comparison with August 2022, there were 37,383 fewer units sold.

3.     BAJAJ (2,33,838 UNITS)

Bajaj is visibly lacking in scooters as it battles TVS for third place and tries to reclaim it. However, the company’s YoT sales had risen by more than 48 percent since August 2021, when it sold only 1,57,000 devices. Looking at the MoM sales numbers, Bajaj has increased its sales dramatically in a short period, with an MoM growth rate of more than 42%.

4.     HONDA (4,23,216 UNITS)

In August 2022, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI), with 4,23,216 units, is India’s second-largest two-wheeler manufacturer. HeroMotoCorp’s YoY increase is slightly better than ours at 5.41 percent. This is because we could only sell a small number of units above the 4 lakh threshold in August 2021. Additionally, the company reported a positive increase in MoM sales of 5.09 percent, which is encouraging. The number of units sold by HMSI in July 2022 was 4,02,701, which is 20,515 fewer than the business had sold in August 2022.

5.     SUZUKI (64,654 UNITS)

Although Suzuki motorcycle sales are rising, they are still far behind the industry leaders. Suzuki was successful in selling 64,654 of its motorcycles in August 2022. As a result, the company’s YoY sales have climbed by almost 5%, while its MoM sales figures have increased by more than 6%.

India’s two-wheeler sector has been expanding steadily, and in the upcoming months, we anticipate an increase in overall sales numbers. It is also significant to note that the EV market is expanding quickly in the nation.

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