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best scooty for senior citizens in india

If you’re looking for a hassle-free two-wheeler to move around the city and run errands around the house, or if you’re thinking about getting a lovely comfy two-wheeler for your elderly parents, look no further. Here are the top five motorcycles for senior citizens to make transportation easier.

Top 5 Bikes For Senior Citizens in India

1. TVS Jupiter

which scooter is best for senior citizens in india

The scooter is aimed at providing a pleasant riding experience to senior citizens. The best scooter for senior citizens is the TVS Jupiter, which has been upgraded with new features. The updated TVS Jupiter has 15% higher mileage than its older siblings. Since it includes an all-weather hassle-free automatic starter, you won’t have to use much energy to jump-start it in the winter. The 12-inch wheels provide a comfortable riding experience while navigating dense, pothole-filled roads. It is simple to handle. Thanks to generous legroom, there is plenty of room for your legs and any shopping bags. 

Additionally, strategically positioned handles will aid in maintaining proper posture. The TVS Jupiter is the preferred choice for senior adults thanks to its plush cushions and additional under-seat storage.

2. Suzuki Access 125

best scooter for senior citizens

Suzuki Access is a leading two-wheeler in India, thanks to its exceptional stability, low maintenance requirements, and high mileage. Thanks to the smooth braking performance of the front disc brakes, you won’t be startled forward when using the brakes. A cell phone charging port and an external gasoline filling port are present. The boot has enough room to fit all of your home errands. Overall, the Suzuki Access is a top-of-the-line value with superior gas mileage. In today’s era, electric scooters have become increasingly popular as an environmentally and economically efficient means of transportation. Get excited about the future of transportation, where this groundbreaking electric scooter blends convenience, sustainability, and style. The upcoming scooters include Suzuki, Okinawa, Hero, and Vespa.

You can choose electric scooters for senior citizens in India for multiple reasons such as budget-friendly, noise reduction, safety, and health benefits. Electric scooter riding provides comfort, convenience, and less physical activity.

3. Honda DIO 

Best scooter for old senior citizen

Every day you could drive a terrible road on a Honda Dio, and it wouldn’t moan. Honda Dio is the most comfortable bike for seniors, which is simple to operate and can traverse. Even the roughest terrain without even a dent in its armor. It offers a seat-opening switch, an external fuel-filling option, comfortable riding positions, and exceptional mileage. Another helpful feature is the side stand indicator with engine shutoff. Thanks to the large LED lamps, you can travel even in the darkest evenings. The digital dashboard provides a wealth of information.

4. Hero Pleasure +

light weight scooty for senior citizens

A small, lightweight scooter with a powerful engine is called Hero Pleasure. The elegant design offers a lot of storage space. You can get superior mileage and reliable pickup by using a simple automatic starter. Pleasure is a cheap scooter that openly flaunts its low-maintenance bike status. Hero Pleasure also has fantastic features like LED Tail Lights and Boot Lights.

5. Honda Activa 125

best scooter for senior citizens

Honda Activa is the most reliable vehicle you can rely on. An enormous 18-liter under-seat storage space is available here. The optional mobile charging socket is also an option. Honda Activa is one of the only scooters in this sector that offers such high mileage even after two years of use. This is because it has an average mileage of 50 to 55 kilometers per liter. It is a versatile item appropriate for people of all ages and genders.

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