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CFMoto nk-c22

CFMoto’s latest roadster concept NK-C22 has been unveiled. It adopts the same black and red color scheme called the SR-C21 that CFMoto introduced and eventually evolved into the 450SR. Let’s examine the SR-C21 roadster design.

CFMoto NK-C22 Concept – Highlights

As announced earlier, the latest offering from the Chinese bike maker is the Streetfighter. It has a facade that looks like a transformer and has LED lighting. The radiator cover accentuates the apparent mass of the front section, and the bodywork is also extremely angular. The front and rear wheels each have forged carbon covers and an extremely sharp-cut design.

Few specifications are currently available regarding the SR powertrain. C21, but like the previous model in the CFMoto lineup, you can guess it will use the KTM engine. Also, given that the production vehicle will be targeted toward the mid-weight market, the CFMoto can add many gadgets for a comfortable driving experience.

It has USD front forks, a mono-shock at the rear, dual front discs, and a single rear disc for braking. The single-sided mono-shock given in it leaves the rear wheels open. But we believe a special setup will be present in the production model.

Last but not least, the CFMoto SR-C21 concept is still in its early stages, and a production model based on it may not be seen for a time. CFMoto’s Indian portfolio now includes only a handful of products.

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