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Motorcycles Center Stand Vs Side Stand

The two typical stands on a motorbike are the side and center stands. Both have advantages and purposes unique to them.

For easy and quick parking, a side stand is suggested. It can be used while seated on the bike and is lighter and simpler to deploy. The center stand is preferred when parking on soft or uneven ground or performing motorcycle servicing, repair, and maintenance.

Center stands have become increasingly rare on contemporary motorcycles in recent years. They made aftermarket accessories available and eliminated the central stand from their model. Let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both side and center stands and the justifications for eliminating center supports from various motorbike models.

Center Stand

Motorcycle center stand used for parking bike

The center stand is mostly used for parking on uneven or soft ground and for maintaining and repairing the motorcycle. Usually, the center stand is situated close to the rear wheel on the lower portion of the motorcycle. To park using the center stand, the rider must dismount the bike.

Parking a center stand is more difficult than a side stand. The bike rider has to exert far more effort and energy to park. Additionally, the motorcycle stands entirely on the middle stand while it is parked. The center stand is responsible for supporting the full weight.

In contrast to a side stand, which distributes the weight equally between the front wheel, rear wheel, and side stand, a center stand enables the rear wheel to elevate off the ground. This configuration makes it easier to service, maintain, and repair bikes because it allows the rear wheel to rotate freely.

Center stands are also more dependable and solid. There is a very small risk of a motorcycle toppling over when it has a central stand. In comparison with the slight tilt of the motorcycle when parked on a side stand, the motorcycle now stands much more straight.

The disadvantage of the center stand is that it takes a lot of energy and effort to deploy. The rider must get off the motorcycle and push down the center stand.

Pushing down the center stand lever until it touches the ground is the standard method for using the center stand. Then, while holding on to the center stand lever, pull the motorcycle’s weight back. The motorcycle is parked once the rear wheel is comfortably raised off the ground and the center stand supports the bike’s weight.

Benefits Of Center Stand

  • Suitable for use while servicing, repairing, and maintaining motorcycles
  • The motorcycle is parked upright and tilt-free.
  • Even on an uneven surface, the bicycle won’t topple over.

Drawbacks Of Center Stand

  • Difficult to implement and involves a lot of work
  • The rider must dismount the motorcycle.
  • Not appropriate for fast and convenient bike parking

Side Stand

Motorcycle side stand used for parking bike

A motorcycle’s side stand or kickstand is often designed to make parking the machine simpler. The side stand makes it simple and quick for a motorcycle rider to park his vehicle. Together with the front and rear wheels, the side stand forms a tripod that aids in stopping the motorbike from tumbling.

On a bicycle, the side stand is normally seen on the left side, below the back wheel. It is set up so the rider can use their left leg to park the motorcycle while still seated. The rider’s left leg provides simple access to the side stand. The bike rider must depress the side stand lever until the stand is in contact with the ground. After the side stand is in contact with the ground, the motorcycle is safely parked and will not fall over.

While side stands are lighter, easier to operate, and may be deployed more quickly while parking a bike, there are more suitable options for parking while performing maintenance or repairs.

The rear wheel should ideally not touch the ground during motorcycle servicing, repair, or maintenance so it can rotate freely. When using a side stand, the motorcycle could be more perfectly straight. It is parked, but it is tipping. The motorcycle may fall to the ground if the ground is not flat and level.

Benefits Of Side Stand

  • Parking a motorcycle is easy.
  • lighter and requiring less effort
  • A rider can park their bike while seated.

Drawbacks Of Side Stand

  • Not appropriate for use while servicing, maintaining, or repairing motorcycles
  • The bike is not straight when parked; it has a slant.
  • The motorcycle can only crash if the ground is level.


Removing the center stand will never be a problem for bike riders who don’t give center stands any consideration. And for the riders that do give a damn and desire center stands, they will eventually purchase them as an accessory to match, boosting the manufacturer’s revenues.

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