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Motorcycle Batteries in India

A motorcycle’s flawless operation is the result of numerous circuits and components, both internal and external. One such component is the battery, which, if not taken care of properly, will obstruct a bike’s ability to give maximum performance. Therefore, it is every rider’s personal responsibility to ensure their motorcycle battery is in top shape. It’s difficult to choose the correct and best bike battery, to be honest.

This causes many bike owners to find it confusing that not all batteries are suitable for all types of bikes and that their range is varied. Below is a list of the top ten bike battery brands in India to aid in your decision-making.

Best Motorcycle Batteries in India


Exide is a well-known battery company in India that, with its flagship product, the Xplore XLTZ4 Battery, simultaneously ensures affordability and robustness. Xplore Xltz4 is a VRLA-type battery that has consistently faced difficult driving conditions in India and triumphed in them. It would not be an exaggeration to state that it is currently India’s leading motorcycle battery

The battery is made with the highest-quality Calcium Effect Technology, has a 48-month manufacturer guarantee, and a 12-month free return period, so it won’t need any maintenance throughout its lifetime.


The Boss 2.5Ah VRLA dry battery from renowned manufacturer Exide is another entry on this list of the top motorbike batteries. It contains a 12-month guarantee but excludes maintenance or any other service form. In addition to the fact that it is supported by many bikes, it has additional safety features. A lightning rod on the body grounds unnecessary charges, and a pattern inhibits leakage, among other safety features. Lead-Calcium Technology also reduces the flow of self-discharge.


This sturdy battery is available from Amaron for a low price of 1400 INR. This battery, which uses cutting-edge VRLA technology, is appropriate for a wide variety of two-wheelers. PBR (Pro Rider), a feature of Amaron, ensures low maintenance and no water loss over time. It has a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and is a part of the Amaron PBR Beta series. It is often regarded as the leading 12v 7AH battery for bikes due to its 7-kilogram weight and resistance to corrosion.


On this list of the top motorcycle batteries in India, it is one of the most technical and sophisticated batteries. Construction is done with calcium metal, with tin to outline the top part. Additionally, safety is prioritized above all else, rendering maximal power generation useless. One of the more minor things that prevent leaks is AGM. This battery has above-average levels of longevity and overall performance.


Ipower is a company that dominates the market for the highest quality battery for self-starting motorcycles, particularly electric motorcycles whose batteries strongly rely on lithium-ion quality. Ipower Plus Ebike Battery, priced somewhat higher than fuel-powered motorbike batteries, has a capacity of 24 Ah, a voltage of 12V, and is constructed using VRLA technology. It also has a 12-month warranty that includes free maintenance during that period. This battery has a low chance of bulging and breaking, making it suitable for e-bikes and e-scooters. Leakage, however, is one of its shortcomings.


After Exide, ACDelco is the second most well-known battery brand in India. Its signature characteristic is the creation of sealed, long-lasting batteries made with premium components that can withstand the test of time. The VRLA IACDv5l -B 5Ah bike battery does not depart from the conventional wisdom that these batteries are exceptional at generating start-up power. Its body structure is sound, and the container is durable, high-quality plastic that can withstand moderate rough play. A further benefit is the TM fitting process. The bike’s initial start-up and the entire ride are when this specific battery operates at its peak. It is a good option for the best battery for scooters in India.

7. SEALED POWER ON Kb4l-B 4Ah Battery

The sealed Poweron Kb4l-B 4Ah VRLA battery has a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee and free servicing. This specific device is effective, reasonably priced, and supported in several vehicles. In most cases, it has become a popular choice for electric motorcycles. It readily belongs on the list of the most effective batteries for bikes because of its elevated brand value on a global scale. Kusalava International Ltd, which made global supplies a reality, was a significant contributor to its spread on an international scale.


Due to their features or high quality, Amptek e-bike batteries come in a wide variety. Bike batteries are a bit more secure than other types and are equipped with a modern range of products to meet the various needs of customers. Ebike batteries are some of the most secure motorcycle batteries in recent years and can also be environmentally friendly.


To meet the criteria of official cars, the Livguard two-wheeler battery utilizes VLRA technology to provide 100% overall performance and zero servicing. 100% green and eco-friendly technology. Mess-proof to a T. VRLA battery with a cover. Free of maintenance. No Water Top Up Is Necessary.

10. MOBIKER 1080

The most reliable and efficient battery for two-wheelers on Indian streets is the Moniker 1080. It is a factory-charged battery that is entirely ready to use, requires no servicing, and has advanced technology to deliver outstanding efficiency for a long time. Take control of the Indian streets right now. The unique Ca-Ca Metal ensures a maintenance-free lifespan under Indian driving conditions. No topping-up during the warranty period while under normal operating circumstances. The design makes it virtually leak-proof and completely unspillable.

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