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How To Put a Motorcycle On The Center Stand

These days, center stands are less frequent on motorcycles due to weight reduction and improved ground clearance. They are a fantastic feature for servicing your motorcycle, though. Body positioning and leverage, not necessarily strength, are the two most significant factors in centering a motorcycle:

  • Position yourself on the left side of the motorcycle while it is on the side stand. Place your left hand on the left handlebar grip and your right hand on a sturdy grab handle. This is either below the left side of the passenger seat or possibly a guard bar in front of the left saddlebag.
  • Your stance should be adjusted so that your torso is facing the motorcycle and your right foot is comfortably placed over the center stand tang. Ensure that the front wheel is in line with the back wheel and that the handlebars are centered.
  • It would help if you raised the motorcycle until both centers stand feet are in contact with the ground. This is done by first pushing the stand down until the left leg of the stand is flat against the ground.
  • You must perform all three of these actions at once: Step down with your right foot, then pull back on the handlebar with your left hand while pulling up on the grab handle or crash bar with your right hand.

Step down firmly on the stand with your body weight while using your hands and arms for raising and pulling. The bike will typically roll onto the stand after you understand the leverage points.

Learning this will require multiple practice attempts to establish your ideal body position and grab locations. In addition, you will need to perfect the timing of the three simultaneous phases mentioned above. When you have it down pat, there won’t be much physical effort required, and you’ll know it.

Effective Tips to Put a Motorcycle On The Center Stand

  • It is beneficial to have a flat, non-slippery pavement surface (epoxy garage floors and polished cement are not your friends during the learning process).
  • As you place the bike on the stand, turn the transmission neutral to allow the back wheel to roll.
  • During the learning phase, have a spotter stand on the bike’s other side. Make sure they only recognize you and offer assistance if you lose control and don’t pull on the bike.
  • It is usually easier to put a motorcycle on its center stand if the rear shock preload is raised to its maximum level because the bike will sit higher.

Using these simple steps, you now know how to put your bike on a center stand.

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