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Ways To Make Yourself More Visible To Other Riders

Although it is debatable whether riding a two-wheeler is as safe as operating a car, you should continue enjoying the thrill of motorcycling! Any seasoned biker will tell you that maintaining visibility on the road can significantly impact your safety on the highways. We have gathered five of the most useful suggestions for these seasoned riders to stand out visually to other drivers in all lighting conditions.

5 Tips to Make Yourself More Visible to Other Riders

1. Put On Colourful Riding Attire

The first and easiest piece of advice is to wear brightly colored riding gear. Make sure to look at alternatives with bright colors that can easily be seen from a distance when buying a new motorcycle helmet. As a result, other drivers will be aware of your presence and won’t tailgate or hit you. Wearing vibrantly colored motorcycle riding jackets is also a smart option because they make you more visible at night. Neon green and neon orange are particularly striking choices.

2. Include Supplementary Lighting

It is debatable whether motorcycles should have auxiliary lights installed. With supplemental lighting, it is quite simple to install more than is required to ensure safety. A bike with too many lights can not only quickly deplete its batteries. Still, it may also cause other drivers to get disoriented, endangering your safety. Make logical improvements to the lighting system on your motorcycle, being careful not to go overboard with extraneous flourishes.

Subtle bright lights on the number plate and detachable long-throw lights on the front are sufficient to ensure your visibility and navigate poorly lit country highways if you enjoy long-distance trips frequently. Installing auxiliary lights on your motorcycle can ensure that you are not breaking any local regulations.

3. Apply Reflective Tapes

Red, orange, white, or neon green reflective tapes are excellent choices to make yourself visible to other drivers, especially when biking at night. For added safety, many motorcycle riders install luminous tape on the sides and rims of their motorbike wheels. There is also a tendency to apply reflective tape to the helmet, particularly on the backside. This may be smart as long as it keeps the helmet’s safety certification information private.

4. Increase Your Use Of The High Beam

Use your motorcycle’s high beam to signal your intentions to the car in front of you before performing an overtaking motion so they can let you pass. If an approaching driver’s high beam is right in front of your eyes, you should flash it to request that they lower it. Never use the high beam while driving in a city or in a traffic situation. It might be dangerous for oncoming vehicles, and they might unintentionally hit you.

5. Avoid Blind Areas

 Never drive in a vehicle’s blind spot in front of you. So as you know, the blind spot is the area above a vehicle’s rear wheels where the driver cannot see anything. Even though most modern vehicles now have blind spot monitoring, avoiding being in anyone’s no-go zone is still advisable. Especially if you are driving at night, this is because the car in front of you can suddenly swerve and change lanes, which is the last thing you want to happen.

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