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Energica Electric Bikes

Energica Motorcycles in India: By 2024, the premium electric motorcycle maker will launch in India

Electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica Motors plans to enter the Indian market to increase brand awareness among the broader demographic.

  • Energica plans to launch a range of electric motorcycles in India by 2024.
  • Soon, Energica Motor will tie up with an established motorbike manufacturer in India.

The most likely way for the Italian company to compete with more established firms, despite being still considered more minor than the larger and more established two-wheeler businesses, is to enter the Indian motorcycle market within the next two years.

Given that India is the largest motorbike market in the world, Energica has good reason to expand in India.

Energica Motorcycles In India

Energica was once a project of the CRP Group. But by 2014, it had transformed into a full-fledged producer of electric motorcycles. The company has made significant advances in electric vehicle technology and produces some of the world’s most luxurious electric motorcycles.

The latest networking technology is integrated into Energica’s motorcycles, and the company has also had success with EV powertrains. Fast charging is standard on all Energica motorcycles, and the company recently launched the world’s first luxury electric motorcycle explicitly designed for touring.

The Energica Experia claims to have a range of 418 km, which is fantastic. The Energica Xperia can perform well with a quick charge with a real-world highway range of over 250 kilometres, as its full charging time is only 40 minutes. This is unprecedented as it brings the range of electric motorcycles practically in line with conventional petrol-powered motorcycles.

The brand is looking to tie up with an Indian OEM to enter India. The CEO of Energica Motor, Livia Cevolini, was mentioned in a Financial Express article as saying, “The company has attracted the attention of OEMs in India.” He continued by saying that these OEMs are experienced competitors.

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